Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Let's be REAL!!

Let's get real! As females, we have these expectations of what we should look like and a lot of us struggle with weight, body image and confidence.

And society does not help. Apparently Lady Gaga was ripped to shreds last night after her performance for the "belly" she showed! People were saying she's fat and should not have worn that outfit!

You know what I saw? I saw a confident, athletic woman who has overcome a lot in her life!

Social media, magazines and photos do not always tell the whole truth! Magazines are airbrushed, social media has filters, lighting helps too! Even the way you stand for photos matters!

Take these two photos - these were both taken within minutes of each other.  In the first one, I see a flat belly and all the hard work I have done, I was super proud and confident in myself.

In the second one, I see the extra skin that hangs down during planks, pushups, in squats. It's the first thing I see in a tight outfit. Do I get down on myself about it? No, it's a part of me.  

What that extra skin represents is the two babies I carried in my belly, the fun and balance in my life and all the hard work I have put in both physically and mentally to build confidence in myself.  

So even though it's hard as moms to see that extra skin, it'd be even harder to imagine what our life would be like without what it represents.  Wear it proudly.  You earned it!

We are all beautiful in our own way! We all have things we are hung up on! Be proud of who you are, where you are on your journey and be confident in yourself!

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